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Green Specialty coffee beans from Costa Rica, Washed Process

La Isabella Washed

Try out the rich taste of La Isabella's washed, unroasted coffee beans from Costa Rica. Grown in the volcanic soils of Tres Rios and cared for at 1,600 meters above sea level by experienced farmers who value quality and tradition.

Enjoy a smooth coffee with gentle acidity mixed with notes of vanilla and chocolate and hints of butter and walnut. The washing process used at La Isabella Estate ensures a clean and sweet cup, highlighting bright, floral acidity and a touch of sweet cinnamon, adding to its complex character.

Now available in small quantities, La Isabella's washed beans are perfect for home roasters or professionals keen on sampling a truly special Costa Rican coffee. Get your roaster ready and explore the taste of La Isabella with every brew.

This is un-roasted coffee ready to be roasted at home or your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

The La Isabella Washed Green Coffee is unique because of where and how it grows. The coffee plants in the volcanic soil of Tres Rios, Costa Rica, soak up rich nutrients, sitting 1,600 meters above sea level. This perfect environment helps the coffee beans fill with deep, rich flavours.

At La Isabella Estate, the beans are washed carefully. This method removes bitterness and leaves a smooth, sweet cup of coffee behind. You get a drink with lovely low acidity and a mix of flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and a touch of butter and walnut. Each sip comes with a hint of sweet cinnamon, too. This coffee isn’t just tasty. It’s a drink that brings you the traditions, care, and passion of the La Isabella Estate, making every cup a memorable experience.

The secret behind Tres Rios

La Isabella Estate is located in the famed Tres Rios region of Costa Rica, a place celebrated for producing some of the world's finest coffee. This region's high-mountain climate, distinct seasons, and volcanic-enriched soil create the perfect environment for growing exceptional coffee.

At La Isabella, the Castro family ensures each coffee bean harvested is of the highest quality, emphasizing sustainability. The estate is dedicated to environmentally friendly and natural farming practices, aligning with the global movement towards sustainable coffee production. Despite Tres Rios being the smallest coffee-growing region in Costa Rica, its beans are in high demand worldwide, highlighting its significant role in the coffee industry.

About Finca La Isabella

Owned by the Castro family for nearly 120 years, the estate's roots trace back to 1888, when Mr. Teodosio Castro Angarita, an enterprising Colombian, established the first coffee estate in the region. Today, the third and fourth generations of the Castro family honour this tradition, managing La Isabella with the same dedication and passion, ensuring its distinctive place in the global coffee landscape. The estate's enduring family legacy and commitment to excellence solidify its unique status in the world of coffee.

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Smooth body with low acidity, hints of vanilla and chocolate, complemented by butter and walnut tones, and a sweet cinnamon finish.




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Finca La Isabella // Finca La Isabella


Costa Rica


Tres Rios

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