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Bag of green specialty coffee beans from Kenya

Kenya Kii AA Top Lot

Grade AA

Discover our Kenya AA KII Top Lot Specialty Green Coffee Beans. Grown in the high-altitude region of Kirinyaga County, this area has deep red, rich volcanic soils and the perfect climate for coffee cultivation.

Produced by smallholders at the Kii Coffee Washing Station, part of the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society, this factory has supported 3380 farmers since 1958. Their collective efforts create incredible coffee, showcasing the power of a united community.

This Kenyan coffee offers a rich, flavorful experience with fresh acidity, grapefruit and cranberry notes with rose water aroma. Processing includes hand sorting, fermentation for 16-20 hours, and slow drying on raised beds for 10-21 days.

Available in 60kg bags and packed in grain-pro bags to maintain maximum freshness, our Kenya AA KII Selection represents the best of Kenyan coffee.

What is so special about this coffee?

This Kenya AA KII Top Lot Specialty Green Coffee Beans is not just any coffee; it's a testament to the vibrant community of Kirinyaga County. Here, 3380 smallholder farmers have been working together since 1958. Their passion and dedication have produced exceptional coffee and cultivated a strong, united community.

This Kenyan coffee offers a rich, flavorful experience with fresh acidity, grapefruit, cranberry, rose water aroma, fuzzy peach, and a juicy aftertaste with a medium-full body. The meticulous processing methods—hand sorting, 16-20 hours of fermentation, and slow drying on raised beds—ensure outstanding quality. This coffee truly shows the best of Kenyan coffee and the spirit of a thriving community. Ideal for any roaster seeking to include specialty Kenyan coffee in their menu.

The vibrant community of the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative

The Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society, established in 1997 from the reorganization of the Ngariama Cooperative, is a cornerstone of coffee production in Kirinyaga County. Based on three factories—Kii, Karimikui, and Kiangoi—the cooperative supports over 3,000 active members who work together to produce some of Kenya's finest coffee. The Kii Coffee Washing Station, nestled at the foot of Mt. Kenya, uses fresh, clean water from the Kii River to wash the coffee, ensuring exceptional quality and sustainability.

Our Kenya AA KII Top Lot Specialty Green Coffee Beans exemplify the dedication and expertise of the Rungeto community. This cooperative not only produces exceptional coffee but also improves the livelihoods of its members, showcasing the power of unity and collaboration.

About Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is renowned for producing some of the world's most distinctive coffees. Grown on the high plateaus around Mount Kenya, the beans capture the essence of the land, offering a vibrant, bold flavour profile with a delightful balance of fruity and wine-like notes. This unique combination makes Kenyan coffee a sought-after choice for coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

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Cup score


Cupping notes

Fresh Acidity, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Rose Water Aroma and Fuzzy Peach




Pleasant Lingering Fruit-like Finish


Bright and Tangy


Slightly Fruit Forward

Best for

Cold Brew and Drip

Recommended Roast



Kenyan Coops// Multiple farmers




Kiringaya County

Surrounding vegetation

Macademia, Maize, and Dairy Cattle




SL-28SL-34SL graftedBatian

Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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