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60kg Bag of Dominican Republic Green Coffee Beans from Samir Estate, Washed  - Wholesale

Samir Estate

Introducing our Samir Estate Dominican Washed Green Coffee, which comes from the scenic landscapes of Mahoma, San Jose de Ocoa, in the south of the Dominican Republic. Nurtured by abundant rainfall, these specialty green coffee beans are washed and sun-dried on patios, with additional mechanical drying (Guardiolas).

This coffee accentuates the rich diversity of the Dominican Republic; the aroma hints at citrus, while the flavor reveals notes of sweet spice and mango. It offers a smooth start and a balanced medium finish.

Key attributes of our our Samir Estate Dominican Washed Green Coffee include bright lemon, sweet orange, and tea rose, with hints of toffee. We offer these specialty green coffee beans in 60kg bags, ideal for roasters looking to broaden their offerings with an intriguing Dominican coffee.

What is so special about this coffee?

Caribbean coffees hold a charm all their own, and our Dominican Samir Estate Washed Coffee is a delightful dive into this lesser-known coffee-growing region; with a flavor profile where citrus, sweet spice, and mango notes dance together, creating a smooth, signature Caribbean coffee experience.

This isn't just coffee - it's a product of careful cultivation and processing, paying homage to the pristine environment it originates from. By choosing our Samir Estate Washed Coffee, you're not just adding another variety to your coffee collection - you're inviting the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean to each cup.

Experience the Taste of Dominican COFFEE

Dominican and Caribbean specialty coffees offer a distinctive flavor profile due to the rich volcanic soil, tropical climate, and different altitude growing conditions that characterize these regions. When you taste the smooth, full-bodied taste of Dominican coffee, you're experiencing the essence of beans cultivated in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic's commitment to small-scale farming practices is at the heart of this taste. Coffee plants flourish under the shade, enhancing the beans' flavor and promoting biodiversity and environmental preservation. The hand-picking of beans guarantees the selection of the ripest cherries ensuring that these Dominican coffees deliver a remarkable, high-quality, and enjoyable coffee experience.

About Samir Estate

Step into the world of Dominican specialty coffee with Samir Estate! Located in Mahoma, San Jose de Ocoa, this vibrant coffee farm is the life's work of Samuel Junior, whose Swiss immigrant parents laid the foundation.

Samuel and his team cultivate various coffee varietals, including Catura, Catuai, Obata, and Catimor. At Samir Estate, every cup of their Single Estate coffee isn't just a beverage - it's an invitation to experience their dedication to quality and a celebration of their rich heritage.

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Cupping notes

Bright Lemon, Sweet Orange and Mango spice, Tea rose, with hints of toffee







Best for

Espresso, Cold Brew, and French Press

Recommended Roast

Medium and Medium-Dark


Samir Estate // Samir Estate


Dominican Republic


San Jose de Ocoa





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Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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