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Bag of Colombian Green Coffee Beans from Caldas, Decaffeinated  - Wholesale

Sugar Cane Decaffeinated

Grade Excelso EP 15+

Discover the incredible taste of our Decaf Green Coffee Beans – a decaf that actually tastes like coffee. Grown in Caldas, Colombia, these beans benefit from nature's perfection: fertile soils, perfect weather, and clean mountain water.

Processed by Descafecol – with over 30 years in the coffee business - these beans show their long history and expertise. This coffee breaks the decaf stereotype, offering notes of brown sugar, baked fruit, and spiced apples.

The flavour comes from a natural process using spring water and Ethyl Acetate (EA) sourced from local sugarcane. This ensures a gentle yet effective caffeine removal. The result? A decaf coffee that maintains the authentic essence and rich nuances of its Colombian roots.

Now available in 35kg and 70kg bags, our Decaf Green Coffee Beans from Caldas are a testament to Colombia's coffee legacy, offering a caffeine-free brew that is nothing but delicious.

What is so special about this coffee?

The magic of this decaf coffee lies in its roots and process. Grown in Caldas, Colombia, a region with nutrient-rich soil, spring water and ideal weather. This ensures the coffee beans have all the elements to develop their full flavour potential.

But what truly sets it apart is the partnership with Descafecol. With their expertise and over 30 years in the coffee business, they've perfected a decaffeination method using natural spring water and Ethyl Acetate (EA) from local sugarcane. This process gently strips away the caffeine without sacrificing the coffee's genuine taste. The result? A decaf that feels just like the real deal in flavor and quality.

Community, Quality, and Sustainability in Every Cup

Colombian coffee coops bring small farmers together, helping them make better coffee and have a more significant say in the market. By working together, they can grow high-quality coffee using the best farming techniques.

These coops care about the environment, using sustainable practices to protect the land. They also invest back into their communities, supporting local projects and education. This community-driven approach means that by drinking a cup from a Colombian coop, you get a rich and flavorful coffee and support a system that helps everyone involved.

About Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee, deeply rooted in the nation's tradition and pride, began its journey in the early 18th century. The coffee here has unique flavours thanks to the Andes Mountains and regular rain, but it's the cooperatives that truly shaped its legacy. Small farmers teamed up to form groups called cooperatives to face business challenges. These groups promoted quality, sustainability, and community welfare. Today, they remain vital, producing some of the world's most exquisite coffees, symbolizing the union of Colombia's fertile lands and dedicated communities.

These beans in details


Excelso EP 15+



Cupping notes

Brown sugar sweetness, baked orchard fruits, and spiced apple hints with a medium, velvety body, bright acidity, and a lingering spiced apple finish.




Long and Rich Finish


Bright and Lively


Well Balanced

Best for

All Brewing Methods


Descafecol// Multiple farmers





Surrounding vegetation

Plantain, Shade Trees, and Fruit Trees





Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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