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Costa Rica
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69kg bag of green coffee beans from la Rosalia in Tres Rios, Costa Rica

La Rosalia Honey Process

Step into the world of Costa Rica with La Rosalia's honey-processed specialty green coffee beans. From Tres Rios and influenced by the Castro family's deep-rooted traditions, this single estate produces top-notch coffee that tells a story of dedication spanning over a century.

The honey process, born in Costa Rica, keeps some of the coffee's natural "honey" on the beans as they dry. The result? A sweet coffee enriched by the beans' own sugars. Expect notes of raspberry, tropical fruit, and honey, rounded off with hints of chocolate and roasted almond.

Available in 69kg bags, La Rosalia's honey-processed green coffee is an ideal addition to any roastery's lineup; this coffee promises a taste that customers will love.

What is so special about this coffee?

La Rosalia's honey-processed coffee stands out due to its sweetness and depth. The honey processing allows this coffee to retain some of the bean's natural "honey" during drying.

This boosts its sweetness and unveils a rich range of flavours: raspberry, tropical fruit, and honey, perfectly balanced by notes of chocolate and roasted almond. It is a true testament to the art of coffee processing, delivering a memorable cup every time.

A Century of Coffee Excellence

Situated in the heart of Tres Rios, La Rosalia Farm isn't just any coffee estate: it's a testament to the passion and dedication of the Castro family. The same family behind the renowned La Isabella farm, the
Castros have poured more than a century's worth of knowledge, care, and innovation into La Rosalia.

Their legacy shines through in each coffee, harvested from trees cultivated in the farm's fertile volcanic soil. The tradition of excellence combined with sustainable farming practices ensures a consistent, top-tier product. The Castro family's commitment to the land and the art of coffee cultivation makes La Rosalia Farm not just a producer but an emblem of Costa Rican coffee heritage.

About La Rosalia

Over 100 years ago, Finca La Rosalia started its journey with coffee in the region of Tres Rios, Costa Rica. It was founded by the same Castro family who also owns "La Isabella" farm, where they have poured generations of expertise into the hard work of coffee production. From the farm's early days to now, they've navigated challenges and celebrated successes, with each chapter adding to its rich legacy.

The blend of ancestral techniques with modern farming practices sets La Rosalia apart. Every coffee tree, nourished by volcanic soil, benefits from the wisdom of past generations and the innovation of the present. It's not just about growing coffee; it's about crafting a legacy. With sustainable practices and a solid dedication to quality, Finca La Rosalia preserves and evolves a cherished piece of Costa Rican coffee heritage.

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Raspberry, tropical fruit, honey, chocolate, and roasted almond with a lingering sweet finish.




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Finca La Rosalia // Finca La Rosalia


Costa Rica


Tres Rios

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Shade Trees, Plantain, and Fruit Trees





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