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69kg bag of washed specialty green coffee from Antigua Guatemala

El Arco Antigua

Grade SHB

Guatemala El Arco Antigua Specialty Green Coffee, grown in the famous Antigua region of Guatemala. This high-altitude area is known for its rich volcanic soil, generous sunshine, and cool nights. The region, dominated by the Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego volcanoes, benefits from occasional mineral-rich ash deposits, which enhance the soil's fertility.

This fully washed coffee features a complex profile with notes of peach, peanut brittle, and milk chocolate custard, with a floral aroma and vibrant acidity. The coffee undergoes natural fermentation in water tanks and is dried using mechanical rotary dryers.

This coffee is available in 69kg bags packed in Grain-Pro to ensure maximum freshness. This selection is a true example of the distinctive quality and flavour profile of Antigua coffees.

What is so special about this coffee?

El Arco Coffee is unique because it is grown in the mineral-rich volcanic landscape of the Antigua region in Guatemala. This area, with its Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego volcanoes, offers fertile soil and ideal growing conditions. The volcanic landscape retains moisture, which is crucial given the region's low rainfall​ .

The coffee is produced by 50 dedicated small-scale farmers who use sustainable farming techniques. They hand-pick the ripest cherries and use shade trees to protect the plants and maintain a healthy environment. Their processing, including natural fermentation and mechanical drying, ensures high-quality coffee beans with a clean, vibrant flavour. This dedication to sustainability and quality makes this coffee a top choice for coffee roasters.

The magic behind the coffees from Antigua

Coffees from Antigua, Guatemala, are renowned for their exceptional quality and rich flavours. Located between the Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego volcanoes, the region benefits from volcanic soil packed with minerals and retains moisture well. This fertile soil and the region's generous sunshine and cool nights create ideal conditions for growing coffee with distinctive taste profiles.

The uniqueness of Antigua coffee is not only a local treasure but a global sensation. With their traditional and sustainable farming methods, these small-scale producers meticulously hand-pick the ripest cherries to ensure the highest-quality coffee. The careful processing is a testament to their commitment to preserving the vibrant flavours and aromas that make Antigua coffees a favourite among roasters around the world.

About El Arco Antigua Coffee

El Arco Coffee is named after the famous Spanish colonial arch built in the 1600s in Antigua, Guatemala. This landmark symbolizes the region's rich history and cultural heritage. Grown in the volcanic highlands of Antigua, El Arco Coffee benefits from fertile soil enriched by the Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego volcanoes.

Guatemala's coffee, especially from the renowned region of Antigua, is a global sensation. The efforts of these farmers not only preserve traditional farming methods but also enhance the country's reputation as a top coffee producer.

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Cupping notes

Complex flavor profile with notes of peach, peanut brittle, and milk chocolate custard, complemented by a floral aroma and a sweet finish.








Well Balanced

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Cold Brew and Drip

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El Arco Coop// Multiple farmers





Surrounding vegetation

Avocados, Banana Trees, Eucalyptus, Shade Trees, and Native Trees




CaturraCatuaiBourbonArabica Typica

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Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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