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69kg Bag of Guatemala SHB Mayan Bouganville, Specialty Green Coffee Beans, Washed  - Wholesale

Mayan Bouganville

Grade SHB

Discover our Mayan Bougainville Coffee, a specialty green coffee grown in the Nuevo Oriente region of Guatemala. This coffee is produced by 55 farmers in the Santa Catarina Mita community in the eastern part of Guatemala; the region benefits from rich volcanic soils, abundant rainfall, and diverse shade trees.

This fully washed coffee undergoes natural fermentation in tanks, followed by drying on cement patios. The coffee has a balanced profile with medium acidity and a strong body with chocolate and caramel sweetness, making it a great choice for pour-over and espresso preparations. 

Available in 69kg bags, this specialty coffee is packed in Grain-Pro bags to maintain maximum freshness. Experience the unique flavours and quality of this specialty green coffee from Guatemala. Order now to bring the best of Guatemalan coffee to your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

This Mayan Bougainville Coffee tells the story of a dedicated community of 55 farmers in the Santa Catarina Mita community of Guatemala's New Oriente region. Grown in rich volcanic soils at high altitudes of 1500 meters above sea level, this specialty green coffee benefits from natural shade trees and careful processing, resulting in a well-balanced Guatemalan Coffee ideal for roasters.

Mayan Bouganville offers medium acidity, a strong body, and deep chocolate and caramel sweetness. The sweet chocolaty fragrance and long fruity aftertaste make it versatile for pour-over and espresso. By choosing Mayan Bougainville, you support sustainable farming and bring unique, high-quality coffee to your roastery.

Coffee's Role in Guatemala's Nuevo Oriente

The Nuevo Oriente region in Guatemala is well-known for its rich volcanic soils and diverse microclimates, creating ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. This side of Guatemala has become a significant coffee-growing area, with small-scale farmers dedicated to producing high-quality specialty green coffee beans.

Coffee production is essential to the economy and culture of Nuevo Oriente. It provides livelihoods for many families dedicated to high-quality coffees using sustainable practices, ensuring the preservation of the region's natural resources. The specialty coffee from Nuevo Oriente represents these producers' hard work and commitment, making it a gem in Guatemalan coffee.

About Guatemalan Coffees

Guatemalan coffees are renowned for their exceptional quality and unique flavour profiles, rooted in a rich history of coffee cultivation dating back to the 18th century. High-altitude regions like Antigua, Huehuetenango, and Nuevo Oriente benefit from diverse microclimates and rich volcanic soils, producing specialty coffee beans with complex notes ranging from fruity to chocolatey.

Guatemalan coffee production is a proud tradition, with small-scale farmers dedicated to sustainable practices. For coffee roasters, Guatemalan specialty coffees offer outstanding flavours and a deep connection to a heritage of excellence and passion in the specialty coffee industry.

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Cup score


Cupping notes

Medium acidity, strong body, deep chocolaty and caramelly sweetness, sweet chocolaty fragrance, and a long fruity aftertaste.




Pleasant Lingering Fruit-like Finish




Well Balanced

Best for

Pour Over and Espresso

Recommended Roast



Multiple Farmers// Multiple farmers




Nuevo Oriente

Surrounding vegetation

Banana Trees, Shade Trees, Cedar Trees, Native Trees, and Ingas





Product Type

Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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