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Dominican Republic
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Bag of Domincan Green Coffee Beans from Nuevo Mundo Estate

Nuevo Mundo Winey

Discover the rich taste of the Caribbean with our Winey processed Nuevo Mundo Estate green coffee beans. Cultivated at 1400-1500 meters in the Sierra Central region of the Dominican Republic, these beans undergo a unique Winey process. This processing method involves leaving the coffee cherries to dry with the fruit pulp still attached, allowing the beans to absorb more of the fruit's flavor, resulting in a distinct tropical jam and toffee sweetness.

The aroma of these beans captivates with a sweet fragrance of strawberry jam with floral undertones, complemented by a lingering aftertaste. The coffee impresses with its fruity acidity and smooth yet full body.

This coffee is an authentic taste of "Nuevo Mundo,' perfect for roasters seeking high-clarity, distinctive beans. Sold in 60kg bags, our Winey processed Nuevo Mundo Estate green coffee beans invite you to enjoy the rich flavors of the Caribbean.

What is so special about this coffee?

The quality of the Nuevo Mundo Estate coffee is deeply rooted in its Caribbean heritage. This coffee embodies the region's vibrant energy and rich history, offering a unique experience that transports you straight to its sun-kissed landscapes. Under the leadership of Mr. Alfredo Diaz, the estate has embraced practices that celebrate and preserve this heritage, resulting in a product that reflects its origins.

The meticulous cultivation process at the Nuevo Mundo Estate sets this coffee apart. Grown at a high altitude in the heart of Sierra Central, these beans are cultivated under optimal conditions to ensure their quality and distinct character. From the plant to the bag, every step is carefully managed by Mr. Diaz and his team to enhance the beans' natural flavors, embodying the spirit of the Caribbean in every cup. This commitment to quality and the unique Caribbean charm results in a great coffee you want to experience.

The Excellence of Nuevo Mundo Estate

Nuevo Mundo Estate is about top-quality coffee and a deep love for its Dominican roots. The owner, Mr. Alfredo Diaz, has picked a perfect spot in the heart of Sierra Central for growing great coffee beans.

Mr. Diaz and his team are all about the details. They ensure every step of the process, from growing to processing, is right to bring out the best in their coffee beans. This attention to detail is evident when you taste the coffee.

But it's about more than great coffee at Nuevo Mundo Estate. They're also proud of their Caribbean heritage. Their mix of top-notch coffee, love for the local area, and commitment to quality really sets Nuevo Mundo Estate apart.

About Nuevo Mundo

Nuevo Mundo Estate is a top-notch coffee farm in the heart of Sierra Central, known for its superior coffee beans. Owned by Mr. Alfredo Diaz, the estate sits at a high altitude, perfect for coffee cultivation. Here, the beans are grown under ideal conditions, and every step from plant to bag is carefully managed to bring out their best flavor. It's this dedication to detail that makes their coffee so unique.

But Nuevo Mundo Estate is more than just a coffee farm. It's a place that celebrates its Caribbean heritage with pride. When you taste their coffee, you get a real sense of the region's vibrant energy and rich history. This unique blend of top-quality coffee and a solid connection to the local area truly defines Nuevo Mundo Estate.

These beans in details



Cup score


Cupping notes

Toffee sweet with, strawberry and tropical jam, and floral undertones in the aroma.




Long and Rich Finish


Flowers Influence

Best for

Espresso, Cold Brew, French Press, and Pour Over

Recommended Roast

Medium and Medium-Dark


Nuevo Mundo // Nuevo Mundo


Dominican Republic


Sierra Central





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Green Coffee Beans - Wholesale

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