Our story

JA Coffee

Our diverse background allowed us to start this journey in 2018 with one of the most renowned coffees in the world: Jamaica Blue Mountain®.

JA Coffee was founded in 2018 as it was difficult to find authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee in North America. We took on the challenge of representing two of the best estates in Jamaica. With a solid background in sales and digital marketing, and a passion for our cultural background, we began a journey in the coffee industry that allowed us to learn, appreciate, and understand the nuances behind a great cup of coffee and the supply chain's intricacies that support it.

Today, and through great encounters, we now offer delicious award-winning, exotic, and rare coffees from around the world.

We care about sustainable practices that produce great coffee

We deeply care about good coffee, and we believe that coffee tastes even better when it’s grown with a sense of responsibility and community. We buy green coffee beans from farms and cooperatives that enhance their communities through social programs, fair salaries, and optimal working conditions. We partner with producers that understand the importance of sustainable practices that promote a healthy environment and thriving communities.