Kenya Ndaro-Ini

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Kenya AA Specialty Unroasted Coffee Beans from Ndaro Ini, Washed - Retail

Kenya Ndaro Ini

Grade AA

With perfect climate conditions, the Ndaro-Ini factory processes fully developed, mature coffee cherries from 700 smallholder farmers in the surrounding areas. The outcome of their hard work is a beautiful, sweet cup with vibrant berry and red currant notes.

Sales for our Kenyan coffee support local communities, women, and youth through the collaboration of Vava Angwenyi and her B corp company.

This is un-roasted coffee ready to be roasted at home or your roastery.

What is so special about this coffee?

Coffee processed at the Ndaro-Ini factory comes exceptionally mature; this results in a wine-like acidity with citrus and berry flavors, absolutely mind-blowing. The coffee is fermented for 16 to 24 hours under closed shade, then washed with local spring water.

The coffee processed at Ndaro-Ini is rich and flavourful due to the terroir and attention to detail the farmers and the coop provide.

Working with communities for the greater good

The Ndaro-ini Factory was built in 1984 by a group of producers in Karatina who were tired of traveling long distances to deliver their cherries. For this reason, they named the factory "Ndaro-ini," meaning "place of rest" in Kikuyu, one of Kenya's tribal languages. Today, Ndaro-ini is one of 3 factories operated by the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS).

Gikanda FCS has developed a reputation for producing the highest quality by continuing to invest in infrastructure, training, and supporting their member farmers. 1800+ smallholder farmers are delivering to the Ndaro-ini factory. In addition to coffee, the farmers cultivate macadamia and maize and keep dairy cattle.

About the Ndaro-Ini Factory

Located in Karatina, Nyeri County, Kenya, Ndaro-Ini and its Cooperative members grow their coffee at an average elevation of 1750MASL. The average growing temperature is 22°C during the day and 12°C at night.

The region is recognized for the exquisite coffee that is produced. The average rainfall per year is 953 mm.

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Cup score


Cupping notes

Fruity & Bright with High Crisp




Sweet Toffee Finish


Citric Acidity


Well Balanced

Best for

Espresso, Cold Brew, and Drip

Recommended Roast



Ndaro-Ini// 1800+ smallholders Ndaro-Ini Coop





Surrounding vegetation

Macademia, Maize, and Dairy Cattle





Product Type

Unroasted Coffee - Small Quantities

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Robert Messervey
Truly excellent coffee

From the smell of the grind to the last drop of coffee, a real treat every time. I revere Kenyan coffee. But your shipping rates are outrageous and as a result I won’t be back. You get 4 stars.

Thank you for your review! We're thrilled to hear that you find our coffee to be truly excellent and appreciate the aroma of the grind and flavor. We're sorry to hear that our shipping rates were not to your satisfaction, but we are in fact working to improve them. If you ever consider ordering from us again and see a rate that you're not pleased with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We would be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing JA Coffee and for your support.