Rianjagi Cooperation


A collective of 1000+ active farmers from the slopes of Mount Kenya deliver ripe cherries to the Rianjagi washing station the day that is picked for processing. Different varietals are processed here, all with outstanding aromas and flavor notes.

About the Kenyan Rianjagi Farmers Cooperative

Built in 1950, the Rianjagi Farmers Cooperative Society is a collective of farmers and producers that grew and expanded reasonably to 2,100 members. This cooperative is found in Embu county on the northeastern slopes of Mount Kenya, Ngandori East Location off Mutunduri Manyatta road.

Embu County has conditions for coffee growing near perfect as there is abundant rainfall throughout the year. This cooperative considers the pollution of these used waters and thus has created soak pits to move it away from water sources.

The coffee is delivered by local farmers the day it’s picked to ensure the highest quality and the freshest crops. Rianjagi Coop focuses on providing exceptional coffee because commercializing provides a living for the farmers of that region.

What makes this Kenyan coffee so special?

We love Kenyan coffee; their unique flavor definitely makes them stand out. This amazing Washed Rianjagi is no exception. The Cherries are picked on small shareholder farms and bought to the wet mill for processing; the cherries are sorted, processed, and de-pulped using fresh river water before being sundried on raised drying beds. This translates in a silky cup with bright citrus notes of lemon and tangerine.

Kenyan coffees are famous for their rich flavors and berry undertones. Hot or cold, this is a lot to not miss out!

Sales for our Kenyan coffee support local communities, women, and youth through the collaboration of Vava Angwenyi and her B corp company.

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Small Holding Farmers

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1605 - 1800 MASL

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SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian


Fully Washed