Located in the coffee region of Colombia, Mikava is a family-owned farm with multiple awards due to its distinctive and one-of-a-kind coffee.

About Mikava

Mikava was founded in 2013 in the Historic Colonial pueblo of Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia. During a trip to Colombia, Paul Doyle and his son Kevin were inspired to follow their passion for distinctive coffee and decided to buy a farm to grow and produce outstanding coffee.

Mikava is composed of two farms: Marsella and the Santuario. Finca Marsella is a small farm overlooking a town and three active volcanos in the center of the Colombian Andes. The Finca Santuario, viewable from the farm in Marsella, is located at the base of the East face of Tatamá National Natural Park. The Doyles cultivate heirloom varieties that offer distinct and superior flavor profiles. They process their coffee using a typical wine process known as carbonic maceration, which brings out the fruit's complexity, sweetness, and floral flavors. The outcome of this incredible farm has favored Mikava by many worldwide competitors, including first place in the 2019 Colombian Cup of Excellence.

What makes Mikava's coffee so special?

Mr. Paul Doyle has a unique approach when it comes to producing coffee. The outcome is highly flavourful 90+ cups. The love the Doyle family has for coffee translates into coffee profiles that are mind-blowing. Barista champions love using Mikava's coffee in their competitions; some of our clients have quoted this coffee as one of the best they had in years.

Mikava coffee usually comes in micro-lots that go fast. So, if you see this coffee available, this is your signal to buy now.

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Paul Doyle

Established in (year)


Varietal Produced

Geisha, Rume Sudan, Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon


Fully Washed, Natural, Carbonic Maceration, Extented Fermentation