Kok Ki Chante


Premium Haitian coffee from 350 farming families, is supplied through cooperatives that look-out for the well being of the industry and the communities.

About Haitian coffee

Once the largest supplier of coffee, Haiti used to be the most lucrative colony turning into the poorest country in the Americas. With the help of two cooperatives, The Association Petits Planteurs Café Colin in Kolen and The Association des Paysans Agricoles de Savane-Zombi, about 350 coffee farming families benefit from the exports of high-quality Haitian coffee.

Both associations ensure a healthy and good livelihood for the Haitian farmers. Our partner, Kok Ki Chante, is the world's leading exporter of specialty Haitian coffee and the primary buyer of both cooperatives. The coffee exported by Kok Ki Chante is from the Kolen and Savan Zombi regions in Haiti, near the Dominican border. Note that farmers in this area have been growing coffee for centuries.

The coffee's Ethiopian roots heavily influence the traditions of the Haitian farmers when cultivating, making the coffee refined and rich in flavor.

Today, Haiti is starting to regain its place in the specialty coffee industry, and we are happy to help.

Why is Haitian coffee so special?

Haitian coffee is undoubtedly like no other. Similar to Jamaica, Haiti also has a unique micro-climate that benefits the production of coffee. It has a distinctive and unforgettable taste due to its healthy, volcanic, and rich soils. But beyond that, Haitian coffee comes with a unique challenge due to its political situation, making it difficult for Haitian farmers to grow coffee or do any agriculture. Supply challenges, security, and climate inclemency add layers that affect production.

Enjoying a cup of Haitian coffee is a true privilege. Sales of our Haitian coffee support local communitites through The Association Petits Planteurs Café Colin in Kolen and The Association des Paysans Agricoles de Savane-Zombi.

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Kolen and Savan Zombi


Fedner, Chris Nicaise, Molly Nicaise


1130 MASL

Varietal Produced

Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor


Fully Washed, Honey