Fairview Estate


In the heart of Central Highlands, home of what's considered one of Kenyan's most extraordinary coffees.

About the Kenyan Fairview Estate

The Fairview Estate was established in 1909 to produce high-quality coffee. This estate has created some of the best coffee lots the Kenyan central highlands can offer due to its holistic production methods. For the last four decades until now, the former Kenyan Ambassador to the United States of America, mister Leonard O. Kibinge and his family own Fairview Estate.

Fairview Estate is home to the world's finest coffee in the heart of Kenya's Central Highlands. This beautiful coffee farm is situated 1,750 meters above sea level and has nearly 100 acres. Tremendously fertile red volcanic soils and high altitudes create slower development and greater late crop yields as trees experience optimum sunshine and ideal weather conditions.

What makes this Kenyan coffee so special?

The high altitude of this estate allows for slower development and greater late crop yields; this means the berries are fuller, redder, and heavier. This coffee is fully washed & dried on raised beds. Supporting the local community is a priority for this estate; the farm has a well-stocked dispensary for its staff and their families, a primary school for workers’ children and those of neighboring communities, and a day-care facility for the little ones.

Kenyan coffees are famous for their rich flavors and berry undertones. Hot or cold, this is a lot to not miss out!

Sales for our Kenyan coffee support local communities, women, and youth through the collaboration of Vava Angwenyi and her B corp company.

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Established in (year)



1750 MASL

Varietal Produced

SL-28, SL-34


Fully Washed