Coffea Diversa

Costa Rica

The world's first and only coffee garden with the largest private coffee collection with over 800 coffee species, botanical varieties, mutants, and cultivars.

About Coffea Diversa

Located in a very remote area in the Biolley district, south of Costa Rica, is Coffea Diversa, a unique place with the largest private collection of coffee in the world. Founded in 2003 by Mr. Gonzalo Hernandez.

His unique idea was to create a botanical coffee garden with multiple coffee variants but maintaining the same terroir. Coffee farms all over the world are characterized by the fact that they are generally mono-varietal plantations, in other words, they plant just one botanical variety or cultivar, normally Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Typica, or Bourbon. In the case of Coffea Diversa, they grow many different rare coffees in one garden; in fact, they have the largest private coffee collection in the world with over 800 coffee species, botanical varieties, mutants, and cultivars so far.

Gonzalo Hernandez expanded and now owns two coffee gardens, one in Guatemala and another one in Costa Rica. The Guatemala farm is located in the Suchitan micro-region in the New Oriente region for the Guatemalan coffee to grow in a exceptionally high altitude region.

What makes Coffea diversa so special?

There is nothing similar to Coffea diversa. Like in a conventional flower garden, where you would find many types of plants producing many different kinds of flowers, in the Coffea diversa garden, you would find many rare coffees.

They produce limited amounts of each coffee variety and sell them to the most discerning distributors in the world. Each micro-lot from this garden is extremely rare and exclusive. Make sure you check out our offerings and see our current stock.

Due to its high diversity, we do not always bring the same lot twice, so make sure you get to try what Coffea diversa has to offer before it's sold out.

More about this producer


Costa Rica




Gonzalo Hernandez

Established in (year)



1,250-1,380 MASL

Varietal Produced

Laurina, Geisha, Dilla Alghe, Mokka, Bourbon Rey, Rume Sudan, Bourbon Longberry, Maragogype 928, Yellow Montecristo, Cera, Cioccie, Typica Xanthocarpa


Washed, Honey, Winey, Anaerobic, Carbonic Maceration, Yeasts