Coffea Diversa Penlyne


An exotic garden of rare coffee varietals in the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains.

About Coffea diversa, Penlyne

Coffea diversa Jamaica Blue Mountain, is a collaborative effort undertaken by the Sharp Brothers, also owners of Clifton Mount and Clydesdale Estates, and Mr. Gonzalo Hernandez, the owner and founder of Coffea diversa.

Coffea diversa is a set of 3 gardens: Costa Rica, Guatemala and Jamaica. These gardens grow unique and rare coffee varietals, with Costa Rica as the main garden with over 800+ different coffee species, botanical varieties, mutations and cultivars.

In 2014, these friends decided to create a Coffea diversa coffee garden in the heart of the Jamaica Blue Mountains, a location very similar to to the original one located in Biolley, Costa Rica.

What makes Coffea diversa Penlyne so special?

There is nothing similar to Coffea diversa. Like in a conventional flower garden, where you would find many types of plants producing many different kinds of flowers, in the Coffea diversa garden, you would find many rare coffees.

The same concept was implemented in the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains. This unique place grows different varieties of Blue Mountain Coffee, including Geisha, Laurina, Dilla Algue, Mokka, Bourbon Longberry, Maragogype 928, Yellow Montecristo etc.

They produce limited amounts of each coffee variety and sell them to the most discerning distributors in the world. Each micro-lot from this garden is extremely rare and exclusive. Make sure you check out our offerings and see our current stock.

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Gonzalo Hernandez, Richard Sharp, Jason Sharp

Established in (year)



950 MASL

Varietal Produced

Laurina, Geisha, Dilla Alghe, Mokka, Bourbon Rey, Rume Sudan, Bourbon Longberry, Maragogype 928, Yellow Montecristo


Fully Washed, Naturals