Clydesdale Estate


Clydesdale is the oldest coffee estate in Jamaica, and it remains one of the most important coffee-growing regions in the Blue Mountains. Clydesdale brings together outstanding coffee beans from small farmers across the region.

About Clydesdale Estate

This estate was founded in the late 1700s and was one of the first estates to plant coffee commercially in Jamaica. Because of the outstanding quality of the beans, it has remained an essential coffee-growing region.

Although no longer in operation, the Clydesdale Estate factory, drying patios, and water wheel can still be seen and standing after more than two hundred years. Once a favorite getaway for honeymooners, the Clydesdale Great House, and the factory have been appointed by the Government of Jamaica as a National Heritage site. The farmers in the Clydesdale coffee region maintain the tradition of producing distinguished quality coffee of the Typica variety.

The Clydesdale brand represents coffees from this region and other select regions within the Southern slope of the Blue Mountains, making it the oldest coffee-growing area in the Blue Mountains. In a new decade of excellence, the producers of Clydesdale coffee continue to celebrate the ancient traditions that have made this coffee world-renowned.

What makes this Clydesdale's coffee so Special?

Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. With unique growing conditions and micro climate the coffee produced in the Blue Mountains is simply rare. Known for its lack of bitterness, well-balanced body and intense aromas. The coffee grown at Clydesdale meets quality standards set by J.A.C.R.A (Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority).

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from Clydesdale estate is a combination of high-quality beans accross a select area in the Blue Mountains. We value the support of local communities, where farmers accross this estate are paid fair prices for their unproccessed coffee beans.

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Newcastle region, St. Andrew


Small Holding Farmers

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Certified, Rain Forest Alliance


1066 MASL

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Arabica Typica


Fully Washed, Natural