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One of Jamaica's most renowned coffee estates, Clifton Mount, is a jewel in the heart of the Blue Mountains. A fully integrated coffee farm with the highest sustainability and quality standards across Jamaica.

About Clifton Mount Estate

Owned by the Sharp family since 1977, Clifton Mount Estate is fully integrated, with all aspects of processing handled internally. Quality is controlled by expert hands every step of the way.

The farm follows an eco-friendly philosophy, is Rain Forest Alliance certified, and takes pride in the excellent community and labor relations. A state-of-the-art coffee pulper has been installed on the property to minimize water consumption. Clifton Mount Estate also uses a recycling water system and the vermiculture methodology for pulp decomposition.

This estate is recognized for producing the finest world-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee. With its elegant Great House, the farm is located in the Newcastle region, on the Eastern slope of Catherine’s Peak at 4,300 ft. above sea level.

Why Is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so special?

Watch this interview with the producers of Clifton Mount Estate

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Newcastle region, St. Andrew


Sharp Familly

Established in (year)



Jamaica Blue Mountain Certified, Rain Forest Alliance


1524 MASL

Varietal Produced

Arabica Typica


Fully Washed, Natural