A Reserva


Discover 'A Reserva', JA Coffee's exclusive blend from Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil. A naturally processed, rich Brazilian green specialty coffee.

About A Reserva

'A Reserva' is an exclusive coffee blend for JA Coffee, created with coffee beans from several skilled farmers in Brazil's Cerrado Mineiro region, with Maria Aparecida Bartoloci and Ziberto de Jesus Macedo playing key roles. This coffee represents generations of coffee growers dedicated to the art of cultivation.

Maria Aparecida Bartoloci's journey in coffee is marked by resilience and adaptability. Facing the challenges of the 1980s, including strong frosts that impacted Paraná's rural producers, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to coffee excellence. This led to a pivotal move to Cerrado Mineiro in Minas Gerais, a region celebrated for its ideal coffee-growing conditions.

Ziberto de Jesus Macedo's story is one of growth and investment in the future of coffee. Born and raised amidst the coffee plantations, his life has been surrounded by coffee from the beginning. His family's decision to expand cultivation in the mid-2000s, embracing both traditional methods and modern agronomic advice, signifies their dedication to enhancing the quality and sustainability of their coffee.

'A Reserva' combines the efforts of Maria, Ziberto, and other local farmers to make a coffee that genuinely represents the Cerrado Mineiro region. Each cup of 'A Reserva' celebrates the hard work of these farmers and invites you to enjoy the rich taste of Brazilian coffee.

What makes "A Reserva" Coffee so special?

In the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil, known for its ideal climate and soil for growing coffee, Maria Aparecida Bartoloci, Ziberto de Jesus Macedo, and other local farmers continue the tradition of coffee cultivation.

Their commitment to the land and traditional methods shows how much the natural qualities of the Cerrado Mineiro region contribute to making great coffee. Together, these growers create more than just coffee; they uphold a legacy that respects the land and the art of growing coffee.

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Cerrado Mineiro

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900- 1200MASL

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Topázio MG 1190